Scraps from 10 tons

Attractive contemporary raw material

We see ourselves as a modern, responsive hub with high quality standards.

Our company has decades of experience, in-depth expertise and excellent national and international connections. Each order is personally monitored by the owner.

We buy scrap from private individuals or companies in any form:

We offer you a good price and pay quickly.

We are also interested in small amounts of scrap from 10 t.

On request, we take care of all transportation matters.

We are happy to handle simple and complex dismantling projects in a GU function.

We take care of all transports and the professional disposal of all waste products.

We buy metal residues from industrial production, from decommissioning or directly from construction sites.

We deliver scrap to foundries, steelworks, recycling companies and the processing industry:

Thanks to our good connections, we will help you to secure your supply quickly and easily - even with special varieties and in good and bad times.

Our prices are fair and transparent.

On request, we can take on the entire transport to any location in Switzerland and abroad.

With us you negotiate exclusively with the decision-makers.

As a small company, we have straightforward processes and short response times.