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Philippe Grosjean has held various managerial positions in the scrap trade sector for many years. Within these functions, he got to know the specialist field of secondary raw materials from scratch and made many interesting contacts throughout Europe. Due to the increasing industrialization of Asia and other countries around the world, the naturally occurring raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, scrap is playing an increasingly important role.


In 2012 Philippe Grosjean decided to become self-employed and to accentuate in his own company those aspects that he had found particularly valuable in the course of his professional career: flexibility, reliability, adherence to deadlines and agreements.


The company is a member of the “Association for Steel, Metal and Paper Recycling Switzerland”.



Philippe Grosjean


Owner and Manager

Tel. +41 79 700 50 66


Bild 1_edited_edited.jpg

Stefani Grosjean


Tel.         +41 62 291 24 41


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